Multiple Projects Improve Library at Fife, Washington

Gritton Building Company Construction Improves Fife Library

A series of projects at the Fife Library made a major impact on the community.  

Over a two year period, library building renovations created new entrances to the library, new parking and a new building orientation.  

The changes created a much safer way to pull in and out of the library parking lot while making it easier for walkers or people riding the bus to get to the library.   


In 2014, Gritton Building broke ground on this site to turn a marshy swamp behind the library into a round-a-bout next to the existing parking lot. 

This allowed library patrons the ability to turn around much more easily in the existing parking lot.

The project also opened the possibility for two new entrances on the back side of the library adjacent to a very large industrial park that would open in the fall of 2015. 

One year later, Gritton Building was back to add new parking spaces and to close off the existing street entrance.  Now patrons could use  the safer new entrances created by the round-a-bout.  

 Along with closing off the main entrance, a beautiful landscape and a continuous sidewalk was created in the front of the library near the main entrance to the building. 

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